tisdag 26 januari 2016

Svenska Eldvatten – Bruichladdich 2004 11yo first fill single bourbon barrel

copyright belongs to Svenska Eldvatten
Friends and followers! As promised in my last post, I now bring you a tasting note of the second bottling in the anniversary-series celebrating the first five years of Svenska Eldvatten (”Swedish Firewater”) as independent bottlers! 

Every release in the series (as you can see from the picture to the left) has a very special and exclusive label showing a motif painted by the well-known artist/painter and whisky-afficionado Petri Jäsperi

This particular whisky was distilled at Bruichladdich Distillery in november 2004. It was put into barrel no.1407, a fresh Ex-Bourbon Barrel (that is to say first-fill) and then bottled in november 2015 (11 years old) resulting in 102 bottles at 59,2 % ABV. 

Peter and Tommy will bring this whisky (and the oloroso matured Laddie) to the Linköping whisky festival this weekend! It will be released at the swedish state monopoly and you will pick it up if you have 1295kr (circa 140 euros) in your wallet, or on your card ;) Ok, let’s have a taste! 

At first holding the glass on a distance of say 15 centimetres from my nose, I pick up some very exotic fruits, more precisely slightly immature pineapple, yellow kiwi and pealed non-ripe slices of pear together with some carbonated elderflower soft drink. Also something a tad ”sweet and/or sour” mixed up with something creamy (dairy), together reminding me almost of a brie that’s been out of the fridge for a couple of hours… Moving closer to the glass I pick up loads  and loads of nutty-ness (yes of course I mean marzipan/almond paste). The creamy-/dairy-ness also reflects itself through something like white chocolate mousse. A very distant peaty-ness is also traceable, or maybe more moving on into a faded fire/ashy-ness? Trying to dig into that layer of scents I also pick up a slight touch of ground coffee and, wait for it, mint that strangely enough (given the age) mixed with raw-spirit. Ok fellas, a very complex and special nose on this one indeed, let’s have a taste! 

Oh wow! Lots and lots more peat on the palate than on the nose! Not really the ashy kind of peat that was on the nose but actually classic and very straight forward peat. Quite a medium-sweet centre in this dram, moving very much towards the pear and the brie from the nose. Then quickly moving on into a distinct woody-/cask-y-ness with lots and lots of the almond paste from the nose mixed up with something like herbal vanilla… sounds strange but tastes really good, and exciting if you know what I mean (?) In the aftertaste some lemonzest reveals itself in a very direct way, moving on into some bubbly-ness or a carbonated feeling. All in all a very creamy and nicely peated dram, I’ve never really tasted anything like it! 

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copyright belongs to Svenska Eldvatten

onsdag 13 januari 2016

Svenska Eldvatten – Bruichladdich 2006 9yo first fill single oloroso sherry hogshead

copyright belongs to Svenska Eldvatten 
Friends and followers! When working at the Örebro Beer & Whiskyfestival this november, I stopped by Peter and Tommy of the swedish independent bottler Svenska Eldvatten (”Swedish Firewater”) to see if they had any interesting news, and of course they did! Enthusiastically they shared info on their coming anniversary-series for this year, consisting of a number of bottlings celebrating their first five years as independent bottlers! 

Every release in the series (as you can see from the picture to the left) has a very special and exclusive label showing a motif painted by the well-known artist/painter Petri Jäseperi (well-known in the world of whisky that is). Please note that every bottling in this series will have it’s individual motif. 

The whisky that I ended up obtaining a sample from was single sherry hogshead no. 511 (first fill oloroso matured) Bruichladdich, 9yo. It was distilled in june 2006 and bottled in november 2015. Bottled at cask strength 60,2% ABV the hogshead gave 285 bottles. Sounds great right?! This particular whisky will have it’s premiere release at the Viking Line Cruise Whisky Festival starting tomorrow and lasting this weekend. According to the pricelist it will cost 879kr (around 90 euros). On the 1st of february it will be released at the swedish state monopoly. 

To the festival they will also bring an 11yo single bourbon cask Bruichladdich from 2004 (seen at the bottom of this post), that will also be available on the swedish state monopoly on the 1st of february. I am very lucky to be able to review also that release in a week or so, so please stay tuned!

Now, enough talking, let’s have a go at the sherrymatured one!

the label should say 2006/2015 of course :)
Very, very dark sherrynotes! On the nose this one reminds me a lot of something like a mix of heavily sherrymatured Macallan and heavily sherrymatured Clynelish. The sherrynotes in this dram are very raisin-y, also very dried dates-y, and something like milchocolate with touches of oranges. In fact the sherry stuff is so heavy that I can barely get through it all! Trying really hard, I find some almond paste thats been absolutely soaked in oloroso, some heavy port wine and some definitely overripe pear, there is even a touch of cucumber water in there! (I’ve never nosed that before in a whisky…). There is also some very dark vanilla notes, not at all like vanilla fudge but rather something like vanilla pods simmering on the stove in whole fat cream, or like old style vanilla ice-cream, mmm… Well what about the peat? Isn’t this an Islay? People, the peat is very hard to pin down in this one! I do however find a slight, slight, slight touch of peat but it’s all mixed up with something quite citric. Well what about the strength? Isn’t it too strong on the nose? People, it doesn’t even strike me as being strong, feels like 50% ABV at the most. Anyways, summing up the nose, if you like sherry monsters, you will absolutely love nosing this whisky! Let’s see what’s on the palate! 

Ooh! Starts of very classic sherrymatured with lots of dark raisins, dried dates and maybe even some figs. Touches of violet, there is even some sweetness from dark, dark, honey. Then the strength really hits me! BOOM! After the boom and a big whiff of the cask strenght we have some citric stuff mixed up with dark milk chocolate. There is evident notes of coffee, almost Rhum-esque in fact! Very interesting mixture of flavors! There is loads of vanilla, but still no real sign of pure peat, maybe the peat manifests itself as something like an earthy soft peatyness with elements of sweet licorice? But I wouldn’t really say I miss the peat cause this is a Great Dram with capital G and D. The dryness is over-medium, moving towards very dry in fact. In the aftertaste I actually pick up something like vanilla and cream infused black tea (!) It all ends with a very long aftertaste, fading out into something I can only descibe as raw-sugar or palm-sugar sweetness mixed up with dark raisins…

cask sample! 
In conclusion:
If you like heavily sherrymatured drams with just a touch of peat, you should definitely not miss this one! When it comes to the sherry influence versus the level of peat, I’d say that the sherry definietely dominates the peat. The only thing that comes to mind for a comparison is something like Bowmore Devils Cask but of course with very little peat. If I compare this release to previous heavlily sherrymatured releases from Svenska Eldvatten, say something like the Clynelish 1996 which I find to be way up there, I would rate this release as even better than that! So, big thanks and Sláinte to the guys at Svenska Eldvatten for a truly great dram! 

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copyright belongs to  Svenska Eldvatten

tisdag 22 december 2015

Swedish whisky from Box – The Messenger 48,4% ABV

Dear friends and followers, a week ago an early christmas gift was delivered to my home! Boy was I happy when opening the package to find that it was the fourth and last release from Box Destillery in their series the "Early Days Collection"

This whisky is a composition consisting of 76% matured in 130 litre bourbon casks, and 24% matured in 100 litre european oloroso sherry casks. 7% of the malt has been peated. Of course no chill-filtration and no coloring. 

p.s I nosed and tasted before I looked up the info for maturation etcetera

The first thing that hits me is something really pear-y, like overripe pears soaked in whisky, then lots and lots of vanilla, yes very much vanilla! Then we have more fruits, such as banana or maybe something like the swedish candy ”skumbanan”. There is also something very citric, not really freshly squeezed lemonjuice but moving towards that. I also fin almond paste and/or marzipan covered in sugar-syrup. Finally I pick a wee touch of mint. I’d say that in all this dram kind of reminds me of a mix of Cardhu, Edradour and a quite young Highland Park (bourbon matured), so just a wee bit of peat in there. Judging by the nose, it seems kind of ”simple” in style, still I’ve been nosing for almost twenty minutes now so still a bit complex , if you know what I mean… Ok, let’s see what we have on the palate!

Oooooh! Damn! Very salty, very peaty, A LOT more peat on the palate than on the nose! Almost in a bit of a chock here fellas! The peat and the salty-ness goes on for quite some time, say 5-7 seconds before it moves on in to a mix of gunpowder, quite dry herbs/something herbal and the almond paste (which I’d say has quite a central role in the taste profile). The early aftertaste starts to get quite pepper-y indeed, the salt won’t let go either. Then in the late aftertaste comes a big hand of vanilla and then in the very background are all the fruits, especially manifested by the banana candy… Wow, a quite powerful dram indeed, and the strength is absolutely perfect! All in all it’s a bit of a cracker this dram, quite a quick one (in terms of how long all the flavours stay in the mouth), but still very impressive, definitely the best whisky from Box that I’ve had! Well done fellas and Sláinte to that!

A big thanks to the nice people at Box Distillery for this very nice early christmas gift! A happy christmas to all friends and followers and please stay tuned to SamuelWhisky on my Zuckerberg-page by going here and to my bird-page by going hereCopyright © and All Rights Reserved on all tasting notes by SamuelWhisky and pictures likewise belong to SamuelWhisky unless stated. If you would like to use any such material that belongs to SamuelWhisky or associated with SamuelWhisky, please ask by sending me an email to samuelkarlssonorebro(at)gmail.com Sláinte!

måndag 30 november 2015

Swedish whisky from Hven – Tycho’s Star 41,8% ABV

Friends and followers! Thursday last week I received a nice package from the nice people of the swedish Island distillery Hven! Happy times cause so far I’ve only reviewed one whisky from them (read about it here) so it was with great pleasure and anticipation that I received a sample of their next release called ’Tychos Star’. Swedes can read about it here and my international readers are most welcome to read about it here

Complementary information which I received from the distillery is the following:

In other words, it is distilled from three different varietys of barley/malt (un-peated Pale Ale malt, Chocolate malt, and peated whisky malt). Matured in heavily charred Quercus Muchlenbergii from Missouri (58,2%), heavily toasted Quercus Petraca from Allier (33,44%), and medium toasted Quercus Robur from Bourgogne (8,36%). Also, it’s organic and no chill-filtration or coal-filtration has been done!

In Sweden it will be released tomorrow (1st of december), in 213 systembolaget stores and will be sold for 495kr. For international buyers it is available at Master of Malt. Let’s see what we have here: 

Very elegant with gentle and soft peat, a glass of cold cocoa/milk chocolate, whipped wholefat cream with vanilla, something citrus-y mixed with dark raisins and dried figs is quite evident in there, that is to say some sherry complexity. Interestingly enough there is also some white wine and/or red apple juice/something cider-esque in there, very complex stuff indeed. I believe this is a quite young whisky but I must look really hard to find evidence for it, I really have to put my nose in there to find something yeast-y/something ferment-ish and something new oak-y and it’s definitely not the center of attention, which I really must applaud!

Oooh! Definitely seems sherried, and soo soft! Well, this is really good stuff peoples! I really recommend this dram, why? Cause I’m absolutely struck by the balance and the complexity of this dram… as I said, it begins soo soft, there is sherry sweetness mixed with oh so gentle peat, slowly moving on into almond paste/marzipan and a slight pepper-y-ness and herb-y-ness, the peat is evolving into something dry indeed, the red apples comes back, a quite long afteratste with vanilla, herb-y-ness and a bar of milk chocolate. Can not at all find the yeast/fermenty stuff and the new oak-y stuff that I looked after and that was so hard to find on the nose… Even the strength is perfect, sure feels like 46% ABV, I would not change a bit. It tastes kind of like a 10-12yo whisky, say something like a slightly peated Edradour on 2nd fill sherry casks… 

To sum up:
Even though the price here in Sweden might suggest that this is an ”everyday dram”, I would definitely say that this is far more than that, in fact this is very good value for money! So, in conclusion a job well done and big congrats to Hven Distillery! And to Master Distiller Henric Molin: you’re simply a wizard of whisky! Big thanks also to Camilla at Hven for sending me the sample! 

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tisdag 24 november 2015

Laphroaig 32 years old!!!

Hey friends and followers! Feels so great to be back with a tasting note, and not just any regular tasting note, but actually the 32 year old Laphroaig which was released this autumn! 

On the 24th of september I was invited to a parallel "Laphroaig Live"-event in Stockholm Sweden to taste the new 32 yo, but sadly I could not attend (due to a work trip to Brazil so…), but through two friends I still managed to source down to small samples of this beauty, together adding up to 1,5 cl. To be able to taste this one sure feels great! 

Now, this 32 year old Laphroaig is very limited, both looking at the number of bottles, 5880 world wide, and looking at the price 1000 euros… All of the whisky has been completely matured in Hogsheads that previously held Oloroso (!), most of them are first fill and a small portion is refill. 46,6% ABV which is cask strength. There is one cask of 34 yo in the mix so this will indeed be very exciting to taste so… let’s do it!

check out those legs!!
Mmm… reminds me a lot of the old 30 yo-version! But this 32 yo has a lot deeper and darker sherrynotes… it’s a very interesting nose, the sherrynotes are mixed with very appareant citrus, kind of like thick lemon juice, or rather like sugarsyrup with lemon juice in it! Thinking about the peat I pick up somthing like smoked dark raisins, peaty milkchocolate, smoke infused vanilla that reminds me almost of panna cotta pudding, or panna cotta mixed with vanilla fudge. Very deep stuff indeed! There is also dried apple, some distant traces of cinnamon and far far away in the very top register of the nose there is a slight touch of something violet. Well, let’s not ”over nose” this one, to sum up, the nose is absolutely brilliant and going on forever… Let’s have some!

beautiful color right?!
When holding a sip of this dram in my mouth for a couple of seconds it starts of veeeery sooooft with a rich, dark and medium peaty-ness and a really sugary sweetness that is so smooth! Traces of that sugary lemon jucie from the nose… Absolutely beautiful! Still holding the sip in my mouth it starts to move on into this below medium-dryness, and swallowing brings some very soft dryness to the top of my palate and the tip of my tounge. Then comes the heat in my throat and chest, I feel something like smoked and/or roasted almonds, sugar coated milk chocolate (whatever that is…), something reminding me of a mix of elder flowers and dark raisins. But any attempt to try and describe how the sherry influence/sherry flavours actually taste like is totally redundant, cause this dram is soo good and it can’t really be described, at least I can’t… The level of this Laphroaig is absolutely way up there with the best sherried Laphroaigs I’ve tried (which includes the 30 yo and the 1980 27 yo…). The aftertaste is quite bold I’d say, quite powerful (not overpowering though) and brings cigarillos/tobacco with medium peat and milk chocolate flavours, even something like sugar syrupy cherries (yes, the berry).

To sum up this is very deep stuff! Absolutely no need to water this one. Very complex and one can tell that it really is a small production, 5880 bottles should add up to something like 8 sherry hogsheads right? So very much small batch character, anyways, an absolute treat to be able to try this so BIG thanks to my fellow blogger David, and to Mr X on facebook (can’t seem to remember your name) for hooking me up with these small but very tasty samples! Sláinte!

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copyright belongs to/all rights reserved Laphroaig

tisdag 8 september 2015

Visiting the Swedish Norrtelje Distillery to taste their first release of whisky – 6yo organic and sherry matured!

On the 7th of July I was fortunate enough to visit the Norrtelje Distillery, situated about 70 kilometers north-east of Stockholm, it lies in the midst of the beautiful Roslagen County. You will find the distillery in the countryside just a few minutes outside of the town Norrtälje.

The visit truly turned out to be a VIP tour! Of course I’m not saying I’m a VIP, I’m just saying it sure was a generous tour. As you can see from the pics below I ended up tasting pretty much their entire line-up of products! Before the tasting I was given a very thorough tour of the distillery, from bottom to top, and also, I was able to have a wee chat with Richard (the Managing Director) about anything related to the distillery and the release of their first whisky! As you can all understand it was an absolutely amazing experience!

Now, Norrtelje Distillery is Swedens first and foremost producer of distillates made from fruit of all kinds. Some of their products are non-matured and some are barrel-matured. Apart from this they also produce what might be called Swedish calvados (some made from apples and some from pear), the Nordic Arrack liquer called ”Punsch”, AND it is currently one of only three Swedish distilleries  producing organic whisky made entirely from Swedish organic barley and organic yeast. 

Norrtelje Distillery was founded in 2001 and up and running in 2002. It is a completely family-owned company, and before husband and wife Richard and Kristina (the Master Distiller) started producing spirits, Richards family had been farmers at the land of the estate for five (!) generations. Production at the distillery is very craft-y, definitely a micro distillery and there are no computers what so ever involved in the production. The two copper pot stills, manufactured at Carl GmbH in Eislingen - Germany, and made for producing fruit-distillates, are run entirely manually. The wash still holds 450 litres and the spirit still holds 150 litres and they only produce 4000 litres of raw spirit for whisky, per year. During my visit to the distillery Richard proudly told me 

”We don’t strive for an as big turnout as possible, we strive for an as goodtasting and palatable turnout as possible (…) And we don’t believe in producing big batches, no matter what we produce and blend here at our distillery, is very rarely more than 700 litres per batch, rather the normal for us is between 350 to 700 litres”  

washstill to the left, spiritstill to the right
Richard also told me that from 1000 kilos of malted barley they end up with around 250 litres of raw-spirit at 40% ABV. But of course, when the raw-spirit that will later become whisky comes out of the spirit still, it holds around 83% ABV and before being filled into casks it is watered down to 60% ABV which then goes into casks for private purchasing (30 litres) or into casks for the distillery to keep for themselves (50 litres and up to 250 litres). The oloroso sherry casks used for this release are both made and rebuilt in Germany. A part from maturing their whisky in oloroso sherry casks, they also use bourbon casks, some are from Jack Daniels and some are from Heaven Hill. 

Richard at the stills
For this first release, which is a really small one, only 700, 70cl bottles, have been produced. A couple of hundred of those has been reserved and ordered on beforehand by cask owners, 400 bottles will be released at the Swedish state monopoly this Thursday the 10th of September, and the rest will be brought to whiskyfestivals and the world wide market. The recipe/blend for this particular release consists of whisky from 9 oloroso sherry casks, out of which the majority are 50 litres but some are 30 litres. All of the whisky in this release was laid down in 2009 (now 6 years old) and should therefor rightly be referred to as a vintage release. It has been bottled at 46% ABV. 

SamuelWhisky at the spiritstill!
During our little chat, I asked Richard if they have any particular reason for, or philosophy about, not stating the age of the whisky on the bottle: 

”Well, you know, we feel like it doesn’t really matter if it’s say three, five, or seven years. The most important thing for us is that it tastes good! Of course, the law requires it to be at least three years old to be a whisky, but we decided not to release it at the age of four years old, not even at five years, because we didn’t consider it to be ready for being released. So this is the point when we find it to be ”done” [mature]. And let’s say that we find something in the warehouse from the 2011 vintage that we consider to be ”done”, well, then we would just go with that and release it! So in conclusion, for us the taste of our whisky is more important than the age of the whisky”    

The first release, a 6 yo organic Swedish whisky!
Richard added that when it comes to their production of whisky, they don’t really view themselves as competitors to the other Swedish whisky producers/distillers, but rather to act as a complement to the other actors. My personal interpretation of this kind of thinking is that it not only feels like a very humble approach both to other actors but also to consumers. It also indicates that they want to, and in fact do produce a whisky with a completely different style than other actors do. 

tasting the whisky at the distillery!
During my visit I enjoyed 13 (!) of their products
Richard also told me that future releases will most likely consist of roughly the same kind of recipe/blend, but will probably be a vintage 2010, then 2011, etcetera. From e-mailing with Kristina today, she also let me know that there are plans though of another release that might be launched in about 4-8 months time. You want to know what that release will be?! Well then I can tell you friends and followers exclusively that it will be a single cask bourbon release (190 litres). Unfortunately I don't know from what distillery this bourbon barell comes from, but this is what Kristina wrote about it: 

"I tried the whisky maturing in that cask a couple of weeks ago, and it has developed a fantastic flavor!"

Sounds great right?! :) 

Anyways, during my visit to the distillery I did try their first whisky which was about two months before it's release. But at that time I had tasted about 12 (!) of their other products before the whisky, so it was really nice of Richard to let me bring a sample to try at home. So, friends and followers, let's se what this first release from Norrtelje Distillery is like! 

the beautiful tasting room!
Holding the glass a couple of centimetres from my nose I pick up a very dry note of sherry, sort of like very dried figs (almost old dried figs), there is also some touches of raisins, both white and dark, they too seem almost old and dry, very sugary. I wouldn’t say that it smells like a first fill sherry cask, rather the second or the third filling. Nosing it really close, with my nose down the glass, I pick up yeast from baking bread, a mix of this and the smell of maturing casks in a warehouse, not strong raw-spirit, but still raw-spirit as one would experience it in the stillroom of a distillery. I wouldn’t say it smells young, rather it’s a whisky with a big touch of breadyeast. There are also quite big whiffs of bitter almond, cinnamon and even cardamom, so a lot of baking stuff going on here. Below this layer I find oven-dried slices of apple, quite big touches of calvados, and finally there is dried lemon peel. Overall I’d describe the nose as hints of sherry cask with quite dry and big acidity. Ok, let’s see what’s on the palate! 

Yeah! Definitely more sherry influence, and a more classic sherry influence on the palate than what appears on the nose. The first 2-3 seconds it starts off on a mix of sugary sweetness and dry yeast in combo with the very dry (old dried) figs from the nose. When swallowing I quickly pick up wood/cask, not overly boasting oak but a kind of ”thin” cask-y-ness. Immediately after that it moves on into the oven-dried slices of apple, the cardamom is there too, and even some bitter but sweet kind of herbs, there is even som polybody/natures liquorice, kind of green. The aftertaste actually reminds me a lot of the same style as a classic and quite young anCnoc (say something like 12yo)… the aftertaste is thus very palatable and more-ish… Very nice aftertaste. Overall I’d definitely describe the palate as more mature than what the nose indicates. With that said I’d say that the palate seems to have ”evolved” more than the nose. 

Richard to the left, SamuelWhisky to the right :)
To sum up I’d say that this is a quite different whisky, or maybe the word I’m looking for is unique. Apart from the similarity in the aftertaste to anCnoc, it doesn’t really taste like any whisky I’ve ever tasted. It would be great to see what happens to the nose, and hence the overall impression if this was allowed some more time in cask (say 2-3 more years)! Given the type of stills used, a kind of a mix of potstills and columnstills, and designed for producing fruitdestillate, I would say that this whisky and this particular version doesn’t really deserve to be compared with what has been previously released from the other Swedish distilleries, and I think that people trying this whisky have to approach it with that in mind. This style of this whisky appears to me to be a kind of mix of whisky, fruit-infused whisky with touches of caskmatured grappa, or maybe even calvados-infused whisky, and I really look forward to see what the future holds, and what some more time in the casks would bring!

Sláinte and a big thanks to Richard and Kristina for arranging such a nice visit for me and for sharing a sample of this one! Please make sure also to follow my FB-page by going here, and my twitter-page by going here. Copyright © and All Rights Reserved on all tasting notes by SamuelWhisky and pictures likewise belong to SamuelWhisky unless stated. If you would like to use any such material that belongs to SamuelWhisky or associated with SamuelWhisky, please ask by sending me an email to samuelkarlssonorebro@gmail.com

måndag 24 augusti 2015

Swedish Whisky from Smögen – Single Sauternes Cask 57,3% ABV

Today I bring you a review of the coming release from the Swedish west coast distillery, Smögen! As you know by now they only produce peated whisky (45 ppm). During the Gothenburg Beer and Whisky festival I was very lucky to exchange a couple of words with Pär, the distillery manager/master distiller, to see if there was anything in particular that he wanted me to review. And of course there was, a single sauternes cask (7/2011) at the age of 4 yo. It has of course spent all of it's time in the sauternes cask, so no silly finish! Here in Sweden it will be released on thursday and international buyers can find the products of Smögen Distillery here

Ok let's see what's on the palate!

The top layer is sweet and sour in an extreme mix! I imagine something like fermented dark raisins resting in freshly squeezed limejuice… (no wonder the raisins would ferment if you leave ’em resting in juice just like that… J ) very intriguing! Below the top layer I pick up something reminding me of a mix of extremely ripe plums in sugar syrup, damp leather, bicycle tire, green marzipan and some very, very dark and fat peat. Very earthy indeed… There’s also roasted hazelnuts and maraschino cherries, actually, this dram is quite christmas-y! Believe me people, I could nose this one forever!

OOH    M-Y    G-O-D! I just have to buy a bottle of this one! The beginning of the the palate is soo smooth, sugar syrup-y, sugar candied dried figs, dark rasisins, chocolate sticky-cake. Simly amazing! After swollowing, everything is slowly moving on into a quite powerful kick of very dark and viscous/sluggish peat. Getting more and more dry, not just the tounge but even my throat! This is definitely, without a doubt, THE best Swedish whisky I’ve had so far, nothing else comes close so the other Swedish distillers really have something to be inspired by here. In fact, this is one of the best whiskies I’ve ever had!

now isn't that a beautiful color?!

I can’t believe this is ”only” four years old, so mature and full bodied, and it has spent all of it’s four years in a full sized 228 litre cask and I would describe the whisky as fully grown up. I can’t imagine what would happen if you let it rest in the cask for even longer…

the bottle. copyright belongs to Smögen Distillery
Sláinte and a big thanks to Pär for sharing a sample of this one! Please make sure also to follow my FB-page by going here, and my twitter-page by going here. Copyright © and All Rights Reserved on all tasting notes by SamuelWhisky and pictures likewise belong to SamuelWhisky unless stated. If you would like to use any such material that belongs to SamuelWhisky or associated with SamuelWhisky, please ask by sending me an email to samuelkarlssonorebro@gmail.com 

Pär to the left, SamuelWhisky to the right
the sauternes cask! copyright belongs to Smögen Distillery